COVID-19: For your safety, please wear a face mask/covering when entering the pharmacy.
Our Services:
  • Over 20 years combined pharmaceutical experience.
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for both male and female clients
  • Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy Evaluation available upon request
  • Compounded prescriptions made on site, many ready for same day pick up
  • Complimentary nationwide shipping via FedEx ® on ALL Compounded prescriptions
  • Most insurance plans accepted
Benefits of Compounding:
  • Making any strength of a medication when specific doses are not commercially available
  • Preparation of a medication that has been withdrawn from the marketplace due to economic concerns, not safety
  • For those patient(s) that cannot or have trouble aswallowing, a pharmacist can create a concentrated liquid, topical cream, or a rectal suppository
  • For those patient(s) that may have sensitivity to dyes, preservatives, or fillers, a pharmacist can create or prepare allergy-free medications
  • To increase compliance in children, a pharmacist can formulate liquid medication with flavoring
  • For patient compliance, pharmacist may combine many medications into one dosage form
  • For animals, a pharmacist may create a flavoring for medications or preparing unique dosage forms
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